Keto Bob Griggs - My Keto Carnivore Weight Loss Journey!

Hi!  I’m Bob Griggs from NW Arkansas! 

I’m reversing my pre-diabetes with a low carb high fat Keto Ketovore Carnivore lifestyle diet. 

Since diabetes runs in my family I know I need to reverse my pre-diabetes before it gets any higher!

I went to my doctor in July of 2019 for a regular checkup.  My weight at the doctor's office was 280 pounds. 

The doctor told me that I needed to lose a lot of weight.  He suggested that I reduce my carbs to under 100 carbs and eat only non-starchy carbs. 

At the time I was taking 3 medications for High Blood Pressure, 1 for High Cholesterol, 2 for Acid Reflux and 1 for Constipation! 

After seeing my doctor I then had my blood drawn for some test.

A few days later, the nurse from the doctor's office called and said that my A1C was 6.3 which mean that I am pre-diabetic. 

The nurse also said to lower my carb intake to under 100 per day (Total Carbs Not Net Carbs)!

So I started my weight loss journey to help lower my A1C, High Blood Pressure and Weight!

My starting weight was 280 pounds and I have lost 62 pounds since starting in July 2019! 

I also have lowered my A1C from 6.3 to 5.7!  I also have lowered my blood pressure enough to lower my medications!

The picture below is when I weighed my highest.  I don't know for sure what my weight was but I believe it was over 280 pounds! 

This picture of me on the left was a few years ago.  The picture on the right was on December 27, 2020!

Before & After Picture After Doing A Low Carb High Fat Diet!

**Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor or a dietician!  This is just what I did to lower my blood sugar, lose weight and lower my blood pressure! 

Please work with your doctor or healthcare provider in your blood sugar, weight loss journey!**

I started off my journey to lower my blood sugar and to lose some weight by incorporating a low carb high fat diet. 

Back In the early 2000's I was able to lose some weight by using a low carb diet! 

Back then I was successful but I did make a few mistakes that led me to go back to my old habits of eating a lot of carbs! 

The mistakes that I made was I did more of a High Protein instead of High Fat to go along with a Low Carb Diet! 

By not doing a High Fat I was never able to be full after eating unless I drank a lot of water. 

Don't get me wrong, Water is good for you!  But I was drinking to much and when you do that you have to always be near a restroom all the time! 

And when you are going all the time you are losing sodium, potassium and magnesium! 

Eventually I became deficient in potassium and magnesium!  I was also doing a lot of walking. 

A lot of the time I was walking around 9 miles a day!  I just could not keep up with the pace. 

I was hungry and I went back to my old habits and before long I had put the weight back on!

So this time around I did some research on the low carb high fat diet!  I also watched some YouTube videos on lowering blood sugar using a low carb high fat diet. 

This information became very valuable to help me understand what all I needed to do to accomplish the journey that I was about to start!

So I started my journey in late July 2019!  The first thing I did was to purchase a Contour Next EZ blood glucose meter and a KetoBM ketone reader!

Contour Next EZ Blood Glucose Meter And KetoBM Ketone Meter


I use these to check my fasting blood sugar and ketone readings every morning!  My goal is to have my fasting blood sugar readings to be 100 or lower! 

Measuring ketones is not necessary but I wanted to have a record of my ketones to see how food plays a part in your ketone readings!

I also kept a record of my weight and what I eat through out the day!  I write all this information in a journal! 

This is very important to see when thing do go as planned you can look back and see what caused the increase in blood sugar or weight gain or loss!


Keto Bob Griggs Food Journal

I started out using the Low Carb High Fat Diet (LCHF)!  This diet is where you keep your carb intake each day to be under 100 Total Carbs (Not Net Carbs)!

I began to learn there are many hidden carbs in foods and condiments that I never realized!  The carbs begin to add up very fast! 

I started out losing weight from the beginning!  Keep in mind a lot of the weight that we lose in the beginning will be water weight! 

The reason is when we eat a lot of carbs we will retain water!  So when we cut out a lot of carbs from our diet we will release a lot of water weight! 

Once our bodies adjust to our new way of eating then we will start losing body fat!

The one problem for me is my blood sugar was still in the pre-diabetic range! 

If you are not having blood sugar issues then the Low Carb High Fat will probably work for you!

In the chart below, I have listed some ways to lower carbs on a Low Carb High Fat!

Ways To Lower Carbs On A Low Carb High Fat Diet!

Since my blood sugar was still in the pre-diabetes range, I decided to lower my carbs even more! 

I started the Ketogenic Diet better known as Keto!

The Keto diet is where you restrict your carbs low enough to produce ketones! 

This is where you use ketones to be your main fuel source instead of glucose!

The hardest part is having your body to adjust to the change in fuel source.  Many people will go through what we call the Keto Flu! 

What it really is we are losing electrolytes when we release all water in our body when we go to the restroom! 

We must replace those electrolytes to avoid the Keto Flu!

For me on the keto diet, I eat 20 total carbs or less everyday! When I started eating this way my blood sugar started to come down!

As the Ketogenic diet has become popular, so has the many Keto treats and deserts that have become available at the grocery stores!

I'm not saying not to have these keto treats, but you really need to be very careful! 

Be sure to read the nutritional labels on the package! 

Just because the package has Keto Approved does not always mean that there are not any carbs!

Just remember our body needs nutritional real food not treats and sweets that have hardly any nutrients at all!

I'm not saying you can't have any, but these treats are for special occasions once in a while not everyday!

My Keto Carnivore Weight Loss Journey

I usually eat a good fatty piece of meat and a non-starchy vegetable or salad without any croutons! 

When you use condiments try not to overdo what you use.  Always choose dressing with high fat not high sugar! 

Never use no fat dressings because they are loaded with sugar!

Once in a while you can use starchy vegetables like potatoes but not every day!

Some days I like lower my carbs even lower by eating the Carnivore Diet!  This diet consists of eating on meat, eggs and dairy! 

I have to be very careful when eating dairy because I am lactose intolerant!  So I normally will only eat hard cheeses!

Now I normally eat either Keto or Carnivore and am able to keep my blood sugar under control and am able to lose a few pounds each week. 

My blood pressure has come down to and I have been able to decrease my blood pressure medications!

Occasionally I will eat the Low Carb High Fat on special occasions once in a while but not very often!

This is how I have beaten Diabetes and have lost weight and lower my blood pressure with a Low Fat High Carb Keto Carnivore Diet!

When you eat this way you really don't get hungry until you are actually hungry! 

And that is when you need to actually eat!  I do not ever snack. 

Once starting the keto carnivore lifestyle because I am not hungry!

I normally eat either 1 or 2 meals a day!  I do my best when I eat One Meal A Day (OMAD)! 

I have better blood sugar readings when I eat one meal a day and I usually have my meal at lunch. 

I have found out by doing this my occasional acid reflux goes away! 

This is my story on how I have used a Low Carb High Fat Diet to lose weight, lower my blood sugar and blood pressure!

I am still on the journey as I still need to lose some more weight so I can eliminate most of my medications for blood pressure and acid reflux!


I hope this website will be helpful everyone that is on the same journey as myself!

I will be writing more on my journey!  This will be posted on my blog!

I also will be listing many products that I either use or recommend in the Products section of this website! 

So be sure to bookmark this website!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram @ KetoBobGriggs

Check out my YouTube Channel:  KetoBobGriggs

Have a safe and happy day!

KetoBobGriggs Bob Griggs Keto Carnivore Journey



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